Will you dare to push past the ordinary and dream bigger in 2018?


It’s a word we use quite often here at To Unearth. A word we’re attempting to redeem by “unearthing the truth rooted in the ordinary.” A word that can actually reveal the exceptional in our lives.

Now that it’s officially 2018, though, and people are pulling out their planners and idea notebooks, scribbling down the things they desire to accomplish over the next 12 months, we want to dare to push past the ordinary. We want to dare to dream bigger this year.

While we hold to the truth that God works in the midst of our ordinary, He doesn’t mean for us to use that as an excuse to remain stuck where we are in life. Ordinary isn’t our ticket out of pushing past our comfort zones or daring to dream bigger in 2018.

Are we holding ourselves back from exceptional?

It’s quite sneaky of Satan to use our faith against us. Because once we get past the idea that ordinary isn’t the four-letter word society makes it out to be, we begin seeing more and more of God in our everyday. We realize an ordinary life doesn’t mean we aren’t accomplishing things for God’s kingdom. It doesn’t mean our purpose isn’t as important as that missionary living in the jungle.

Pretty soon, recognizing God’s hand in our lives is second nature. And that’s what Satan can use to tempt us. How? By planting the seed in our minds that our lives and routines are good enough.

We see God. We believe He’s working in the details of our ordinary. Which means we don’t have to push past the ordinary. We don’t have to dream bigger. Ordinary isn’t wrong or bad, so let’s just stay where it’s comfortable.     

Can you see the trap? We use the very freedom of our ordinary to hold ourselves back from exceptional.

Dreaming bigger

Pushing past the ordinary does not mean opening ourselves up to feelings of inadequacy or discontentment. We can know the secret to contentment in all circumstances.  Dreaming bigger means opening ourselves up to the possibility and reality that God could use us to accomplish more than we realize.

Do you have a dream? Something deep in your heart you’ve convinced yourself will never happen? Do you have skills sitting dormant because of a lack of opportunity? Skills that flood you with excitement and purpose whenever you use them?

Don’t let go of those dreams. In fact, start praying right now about them. Ask God to show you the next step in pursuing the desires of your heart. Remember that God made us for more than this sinful world, and so you can accomplish more than what’s in front of you at this moment.

Dare to dream bigger. Do it. Don’t fear your dreams falling apart before bearing fruit. Don’t believe the lie that just because God works in your ordinary then that means you weren’t meant for anything greater. Trust that He has given you dreams and skills for a reason.

And then dare to dream.

Concerning bold prayers

How do we go from abstract dreams to pushing past the ordinary in 2018? Bold prayer.

We’ll never understand the intricacies of prayer until we leave our mortal bodies behind us and stand face-to-face with our Creator. Trying to figure out how our prayers affect God’s actions and mercies can make your head spin.

But one thing scripture makes very clear for us: God wants to hear our prayers. He desires us to boldly approach His throne and present our requests along with our praise and adoration for who He is. The Bible is filled with examples of people boldly asking God for specific things.

While our hearts should remain soft to God’s desires and answers to our prayers, whatever they may be, we must not be afraid to come before God with bold prayers. You may be surprised how often God answers yes to bold and specific questions.

Why might He do this? Without putting God in a box, when we ask for something specific, something we could never accomplish on our own, His yes answer reveals to us His power and glory. And we have no earthly explanation to take credit away from God.

He doesn’t always answer bold and specific prayers with a yes, but that shouldn’t stop us from sharing our desires with Him. Voicing our dreams for pushing past the ordinary helps us remember God can equip us for anything while at the same time enjoying the ordinary in which we live.

Will you dare to push past the ordinary and dream bigger in 2018? Maybe for you this means simply remembering those dreams long forgotten. Maybe it means voicing these desires in bold prayer. Or maybe you know it’s time to step outside your comfort zone, and you’re ready to plan out what that next step will look like.

God may ask you stay right where you are or He may point you to something extraordinary. Whatever He tells you, don’t use your ordinary as an excuse. Use it as a way to accomplish God’s purpose without fear of dreaming bigger.

Let’s Talk About It: What are your big dreams and how will you pursue them?      

10 Replies to “Will you dare to push past the ordinary and dream bigger in 2018?”

  1. Thanks for the encouragement and admonishment in this post! It makes me think of a verse I ponder often about how God says He is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we could ask or think… I always say I can ask, think, AND dream BIG! But of course, there are steps to take before achieving those big dreams, and I think that’s where we end up being our own worst enemies, and inadvertently place stumbling blocks in our own path!

    1. Thanks for reading, Dr. Banks! I completely agree that we can make it difficult on ourselves when we don’t trust God completely and take the steps in faith to follow those dreams.

  2. We dream of owning land. Enough land to have a self sustaining homestead, a you pick berry farm and orchard and hospitality homes. Homes for youth coming out of jail attempting to get their lives back on track and homes for families in ministry that need a free place to stay during furlough and/or days off.
    We are currently perusing it (while jobless and similar-homeless) and trying to wade through making a business plan and perposal to present to banks, lenders, investors and churches.

  3. I love this! Conversations about faith and dreaming big dreams with God make the Spirit within me leap! I really believe God can put the supernatural into our natural lives! Praying for you and me and all of us ladies to dare to dream BIG! Blessings to you! xo Donna

  4. I have big dreams for 2018! My word for the year is Growth. It certainly will be a year of praying boldly and stepping out of comfort and ordinary! I’m excited!

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