To run in the rain without fear

Have you ever thought about how many connotations there are attached to rain? The spiritual thought of God washing away sin. The movie stereotype of sadness. The scientific understanding of how it nourishes the earth. And the list goes on from there.

The tiny beads that slip from clouds and splash against whatever lies beneath can be loved by farmers, hated by tourists and everything else in between. Whatever your feelings are toward this liquid, whatever you picture when you read that little word, there’s one consistency about rain: It’s something we can’t control.

Hiding from the rain

The fall of rain comes whether we want it to or not. And with rain comes change to our surroundings. A blue sky turns gray. What was once dry now soaks in water. Thirst is quenched.

Not all change brought by rainfall proves positive, though. Too much can bring flooding. Add in some wind and you could experience a nasty storm. Which means potential for danger. What are we supposed to think of something we can’t control, that could one moment be peaceful and the next life-threatening?

Like rainfall, many situations in life are beyond our control and can come unexpectedly. Sometimes these situations are welcomed like a light, warm sunshower. Other times, they can feel like a sudden storm, threatening your comfort and safety. Pretty soon, the thought of any kind of life circumstance that is not in your control brings stress and growing panic.

At some point, you choose to hide from the potential of rain. If you stay where it’s safe, you’ll never have to worry about getting hurt. But the problem with this is, while you may find protection from the raging storms where it’s safe, you’ll also miss out on the refreshing moments.

It’s how you look at it

A lack of control in life is hard. No matter the situation. There’s no denying the fact that when you see something beyond your control heading toward you, it’s downright scary. When direction shifts, radically altering your normal, it takes a moment for the spinning to slow and your eyes to adjust to the light.

But what if instead of fearing the rain, you saw it as refreshing and a chance to see things differently? What if you chose to step outside, lift your head and let the cool drops fall gracefully upon you?

Once you embrace the rainfall, you can recognize it as something God created. It shows you He is in control, not you. What once just appeared like dark clouds now remind you of God’s power. When the wind picks up and rain begins to fall sideways, you can almost hear nature praising the Creator.

And suddenly, you want to run in the rain. You want to join in the worship, knowing even the wind and waves obey Him. You wonder why you were ever afraid of such majesty.     

Embracing a lack of control by knowing God’s plan will prevail can feel as rejuvenating as running in the rain. It may have looked like a storm heading your way, but trusting God and not hiding from what’s to come can help you realize it’s actually a new opportunity to glorify Him.

Refresh your soul

A lack of control on this earth is inevitable. But that doesn’t mean it has to be a negative aspect to our human natures. It’s how we grow and learn and thrive, and if we could control every situation in our lives, then we would never become men and women who hold the things of this world loosely, knowing what’s to come far surpasses anything on this earth. If we live in fear, we won’t experience how refreshing it feels for our souls to lean on Jesus during uncertainty. And why would we ever want to lean on our own understanding?

We need to rely on Christ like the earth needs rain. God wants to challenge you and help you grow, and following Him to new and unexpected places will refresh you as your faith strengthens with each step. While sometimes nerve-wracking, a lack of control like new places or a different career brings an opportunity to watch God work in your life. It reminds you how temporary this life is, and it demands your attention, helping you to actively trust in Jesus.

Remember the wonder of God’s mercies and faithfulness in the midst of uncertainty. Bask in His love for you. Run in the rain without fear.     

Let’s Talk About It: How will you rely more on Christ and less on your own understanding? 


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