The answer to our need for control

Hold out your hand. Did you feel that? The connections being made in your brain and the commands given to your muscles to move?

Now take a deep breath. Can you feel the oxygen entering your bloodstream? The flow of that bloodstream as it distributes the oxygen throughout your body?

Oh, the complexities of the human body! Our God created us magnificently, didn’t He? There are too many wonders for even the most decorated of doctors to fully understand it all. And yet, have you noticed how we try to control the body? This creation we can know intimately and yet not at all. This spirit wrapped in flesh we understand fully yet can’t even begin to comprehend. But still, our need for control outweighs our actual understanding.

Trust, control and respect

We know our own bodies intimately. After all, we’re the ones living in them, experiencing them. But do we truly understand our bodies? Definitely not. This doesn’t stop us from trying to control them, though.

Diets, exercise, weight loss, vitamins, skin care, anti-aging. The list goes on and on until we can’t keep up anymore. Do we realize we’re trying to control something God created more intricately than we’ll ever comprehend?

Now, keeping in good health as much as we can should definitely remain a priority. God tells us to honor Him with our bodies, reminding us that we are a temple for the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 3:16-17). It’s certainly not honoring to God when we don’t treat His temple with respect.  

But is our need for control respecting God’s temple? What about our worry over our weight or how we’re aging?

The interesting thing is, we don’t worry about all aspects of our bodies. Unless there’s a pre-existing issue, we don’t try to control the neurons in our brains. We don’t try to control how fast our blood flows through our bodies. We don’t try to control how many breaths we take each day.

Why not? Because, unless we know of a health issue concerning those things, we trust our bodies to take care of it. We understand enough about our brains and hearts to know they’ll do their jobs. There are no panic attacks over how much oxygen your leg muscles receive. No cries of mistrust that your liver won’t accomplish the task required of it. We simply trust.

Living to glorify instead of to control

You see where this is going, right? Our need for control facing off against our trust. It’s a familiar tune, one we sing not just about our bodies, but about our faith, too.

We trust God with the things we don’t really think about. The situations where we have no need to fear. But once we catch a tiny morsel of understanding, we start to think we can take over from there. We research, assign reasons, take on tasks. All in an attempt to control something we don’t and can’t fully understand.

It’s almost humorous to think about how much we don’t know about our own bodies. Yet we consider them ours. And it’s intimidating to think about how much we don’t know about God and His ways. Yet we act as if we know better.

God created our intricate bodies. He gave life to our souls. He sustains all of heaven and earth. Can we understand that? Can we possibly comprehend it all? Then why do we try to take it from Him?

Imagine how freeing and satisfying this life would be if we stripped away our need for control and lived to glorify God! Our care for our bodies would result from a desire to present ourselves as a living sacrifice. Our worries and fears in life would slip into grace as we trusted God over our need for control.

So here’s the challenge: Think through the areas of your life you consider in your control. Then give them back to God. They’re already His, after all. He has created you and sustains you. He lives within you and knows the number of hairs on your head. And He can be trusted with all things. All situations.

You just have to release your grip. Admit you can’t actually control all things. And thank Him for the things He controls that you never even think about.

Let’s Talk About It: What areas do you need to admit you can’t control?   
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18 Replies to “The answer to our need for control”

  1. Good thoughts here! I struggle with issues of control too. Don’t we all? It’s always so freeing when we give those things over to God, and yet I wonder why it takes me so long, almost every time! You’d think i would catch on more quickly. 😉

  2. I have issues with control. I feel like if I don’t have control, everything is going to fall apart. Of course, I never had control to begin with. So this is an area, I’m learning to lay before God!

  3. “But once we catch a tiny morsel of understanding, we start to think we can take over from there. We research, assign reasons, take on tasks. All in an attempt to control something we don’t and can’t fully understand.” Wow. I really needed to read this. Thank you!

  4. You’re right. It’s easy to trust when it’s something we can’t control. But trusting God with the things we think we can “just take care of” is a different story.

  5. We try to control so many things but the result is generally stress and anxiety, plus frustration at whatever or whoever we are not able to control. Handing it over to God is so freeing! And something that has to happen everyday.

  6. This is so true! I have been learning more and more that our body and health isn’t always something we can control, but when we trust God that’s a little less scary.

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