Emily Saxe was born and raised on the East Coast and currently resides in Indiana. Despite the fact that she was writing stories from the moment she knew how to hold a pencil, this journey of making a career from words didn’t become a reality until college. She graduated from Liberty University with a degree in communications and a focus in journalism, ready for God to take her on whatever path He desired.

While following God has brought her 600 miles from her family along with a career change, Emily has found herself smack in the middle of a crazy adventure. An adventure on which she founded To Unearth from her kitchen table and, let’s be honest, a few different coffee shop tables with the help of co-founder, Christie. An adventure on which she married the love of her life. And an adventure on which she currently freelance writes, speaks on occasion and helps lead a Bible study for high school girls. All proof that God’s plans are far better than anything we could dream of in this life.


Christie Cox came out of the womb dribbling a basketball. She spent the early years of life in the Lonestar state where everything is bigger, accents are thick, and the dribbling never stopped. After high school she ventured out to Liberty University in Virginia where she graduated with a Master’s in Counseling and then immediately set off across the country on the back of a horse, traveling with missionaries and documenting her adventures.

She currently resides in Indiana where she is right smack in the middle of a grand life transition. Working part-time, she serves in several ministries, dabbles in various writing projects, and hops from coffee shop to coffee shop with Emily discussing writing endeavors and drinking a lot of coffee. To Unearth: brought to you by pure zeal and caffeine trips. Christie’s greatest passion in life is the quest to discovering what it means to be your fullest self, and she can’t seem to be quiet about the things she is learning.