Letter from the Editor: Our untapped superpower

As a millennial, it can be all too easy to get caught up in the hype of trying to find my niche in life. That one thing that makes me special and different and contributes to the massive difference that I will make while on this earth. We are a generation obsessed with “difference making.” Amiright?

There are all sorts of problems with this, and the main one is that it is a total distraction from us finding our truest, most awesome superpower to ever exist.

Most of us think that life is about discovering what our calling is. As Christians, we might refer to this as our “ministry.” We say, “I need to find my ministry platform.”

But many of us who find a platform don’t know what it looks like to then stand on it. We obtain access to this amazing stage, but then Clark Kent steps onto it and never takes off his suit and glasses to reveal the Big S above that amazing six pack.

So what is this superpower? It is the keen awareness that I have every resource already inside of me and available to change the world. I need no extra tool. It is literally compactly found within my personhood — my mind, my body, my spirit.

Sounds ridiculous, right? Because if “making a difference” is a cliche, “the answer is within you” is an even bigger one. Right?!

Oh, but it’s true. It’s so, so true.

If we can ever really, truly realize the potential and capacity for LOVE that we carry, we would be literally unstoppable on the earth.

This. This is our untapped superpower.


You know why this feels so powerless? Because our definitions of love have become so convoluted, so soft and fluffy. Love has lost its power in us because we have forgotten who we were.

And if we have forgotten who we were, chances are we haven’t taken a long, hard look into the face of Jesus lately. Because if we had, the power of Love would have so pierced us and poured into us that no other force could stop it from oozing back out of us.

See, when we know who we are, we know that we are carriers of love. And when we know that we are carriers of love, we know that literally every moment of interaction with another human being is an opportunity for love to come out of us. And when we realize the magnitude of this, we will realize we are literally changing the world through every single interaction.

It doesn’t have to be sensational. It doesn’t even have to look affectionate. Love is not merely splendiferous romance. Although that can be involved. Love is noticing another. Esteeming their needs higher than yours. Love is patient with people. It is sacrificial, and hard.

So we’d rather just wave this away, brush it all off, and go find a “ministry platform” instead. Instead of dealing with our blackened demons of darkness deep down in our souls — pride, arrogance, judgmentalism, selfishness, laziness and impatience. We must deal with these in order for love to be potently powerful enough to overwhelm every other force that stands in the way of differences made.

Do you see what this could mean? If we could just do the hard things and get healthy, we would be the most powerful forces in the universe! This is so exciting! Love literally conquers anything, because nothing can quench it or drive it out of its course. Not true love. We haven’t seen much of this because we haven’t seen the truest love manifested on the earth the way Christ did.

But I’m here to tell you that this is possible.

To change the world, we must simply love the person in front of us. Get really good at love! As simplistic as this sounds, it is the truest truth. Love made manifest in the uniqueness of your personality will change everything. Everything.

Find the hard path of love and relentlessly pursue it. Reject every urge to turn back and take the safe route.    











7 Replies to “Letter from the Editor: Our untapped superpower”

  1. Love is so very important to God that it is the first commandment to love Him with all of our being! And, of course, the second is to love others. Love fulfills all of God’s commandments and allows us to fully experience His power, wisdom, and direction in this life so that we may find our ministry and pursue it abundantly. Thanks for this simple truth!

  2. It is true! We often already know the answers to things. We just may need someone to listen or ask us good questions to support us to coming to our own answer. This is what I try to do when others are sharing with me. Listen, ask questions and let them come to answer rather than giving my own advice or thoughts.

  3. “Love made manifest in the uniqueness of your personality will change everything. ” This line gets me excited because as I grow more like Christ, I will become the unique me since God is love.

  4. Amen! This is far from easy sometimes, but it really is that simple. The impact circles would ripple so far if we intentionally love those in front of us. (Especially when they are difficult!

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