God’s lessons on love during singleness

I had the opportunity to write for BecomeLess.net for their series on singleness this month. Here you’ll find an excerpt from that article with a link directing you to the full post. I hope you find encouragement in these words no matter what your relationship status is.

“You have to be content with God and singleness. Once you’re focused on God and your relationship with Him, that’s when He’ll send someone into your life.”

Have you ever been told this by a well-meaning friend?

I must have heard this at least a dozen times between college and when I began dating my now-husband. While I get the concept of keeping Christ at the center of your desires, I can’t say I agree with this process of thinking.

Why? Because it implies your desires for a husband aren’t in line with God’s desires.

It implies you have to achieve a certain way of thinking before God “rewards” you with a man. And it brings fear into the minds of women who suddenly work on their relationship with God only to ensure their husband will appear soon.

So no, I don’t think single women need to perfect their relationship with God to find a husband. But I have experienced the importance of taking time to learn more about God during the season of singleness.


Love In the Form of Protection

While there’s no magic formula you need to follow to ensure you’re on the right track during singleness, this season does provide you with opportunities to learn about God in a way you might not appreciate as much while in a relationship.

I remember specifically the month when being single taught me how God loves me perfectly.

I was working full-time as a camp director and struggling with a few friendships. Three people in particular treated me extremely poorly. While one gossiped maliciously about me behind my back, the other two treated me as if I were expendable.

I put on a brave face at first. But soon, I wondered that if these young adults who professed Christ as their Savior treated me with so little love, why would God treat me any differently?


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