God loves us exactly the way we need

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We’ve all felt it. The intense desire to be known. To be loved.

We desire this love to come into our lives not as a result of earning it, but as a result of someone choosing to give it. Because they’ve seen us as worth the risk.

The love we desire

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we can’t help but think about love to some degree. Commercialism pushes it in our faces way before the calendar turns to February. All the Valentine’s merchandise and conversations create an inevitable pattern of thought. They direct our minds and hearts toward wonderings of the love we give and, most of all, receive.

We think about how we desire to be loved. We think about those in our lives who love us right now. And we think about those who have shown us we can’t trust everyone with our hearts.

The more we think about the love we receive—or don’t receive—from the people in our lives and in our pasts, the more we realize it will never be enough. Yes, let’s all admit that we desire more than what even our spouses can give us.

These thoughts remind us of our Savior. When we look to the fallen and imperfect love of humans, we’re reminded that God loves us perfectly.

But what exactly does that mean, and is that enough?

God loves us with an eternal love

This God of ours has been existing for an eternity. A concept we won’t grasp until we’re rid of these mortal bodies and He makes our minds eternally complete. If God has been and always will be, that means His love has existed for all time. We worship a triune God. He is three in one. And the Father, Son and Holy Spirit have always loved perfectly.

Which means He didn’t need us in order to love. He didn’t need us to love Him. He chose us. And He chose to pour out this perfect, eternal love upon us.

It might sound like something we can’t quite grab a hold of, this love. It’s not physical. It’s not visible. Emotions simply can’t be trusted. But God loves us in such a way that we must specifically turn our eyes and hearts from Him in order to not experience fully this love.

God’s tangible love

No, God does not physically stand before us. We can’t audibly hear His whispers of love or see His hands move around us to embrace our earthly bodies. But God loves us more tangibly than we might think.  

God created you. He molded you physically in your mother’s womb, and He shaped every piece of your emotions and desires. He truly knows you. All of you. Every intimate desire.

But He doesn’t stop at knowing you. How appalling it would be for God to create our hearts to receive love in specific ways, only to not actually show us love in those ways! No, God loves you in such a way to meet every thirst for righteous love you desire. He created you, and He will not leave you unloved.

Think about the ways you feel most loved by others. Their tender words? Loving touch? Ability to know you better than anyone else?

Now think through the ways God has shown His love for you. How many times has He fought for you, keeping you safe? How often has a Bible verse popped into your mind to encourage or comfort you? Or if you’re a lover of gifts, how often do you look to the cross (1 John 4:9-11)? If you take time to think through your day-to-day, you might be surprised to find He tangibly loves you more than you first realized.

So as we go through this season of constant reminders that we desire love, may we open our eyes to the endless ways our God loves us perfectly and eternally. May we thank Him for creating us and knowing us so intimately that He pours His love upon us in exactly the way we need.

Let’s Talk About It: How does God love you perfectly? 


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30 Replies to “God loves us exactly the way we need”

  1. I love this! (Pun not intentional) when I think about God Living me perfectly, I think about how He has sent people to my life that are led by Him. They all love me in different ways, and are extensions of Him! The most beautiful thing, when they fail to love perfectly, God fills in the gaps. I treasure these special people (gifts of love) He has sent my way!

    1. That is so true. If people don’t want to see God’s love, they won’t. That makes my heart so sad for them. But I know I can be a witness by sharing how I see God’s love!

  2. I love that God loves me in the ways I desire and need! He knows where I will feel it and knows how to brighten my day. He’s the extreme role model of love!

  3. What un uplifting post! Sometimes we ger caught up in what is going on in our lives and forget God still loves us and He never abandons us. Thank you for the reminder. God bless!

  4. What a very touching post that brings me back to reality. We loose site of this because of societal beliefs. I’m focusing on gratitude and just being surrounded by love .

    1. Yes, it’s easy to get caught up in all the noise of society fighting against God’s love for us. But I’m so thankful for His perfect love in the midst of all that noise!

  5. the title of your post is a little startling to think about… Before I read your article I immediately thought of the passage in Hebrews about how God disciplines the ones he loves. I like that you talked about his endless eternal and unchangeable love, but the truth is that He loves us the way we need to be loved as well… that being that he loves us enough to keep us on the right path and not give us things that will lead to our destruction. Thanks for this reminder about God’s love as we head into Valentines day

    1. I’m glad you were challenged and encouraged, Karen! That’s a great verse to put His love in perspective, too. Knowing that the way we need to be loved isn’t always our first choice of how we think we need love. Great point!

  6. Great message. We crave and desire love, but God is the one who gives us eternal love. I am on my spiritual journey and meditation has helped improve my life in so many ways! =]

  7. Thank you, this was a really beautiful read. I’ve been feeling a bit flat lately but this was a great reminder of all the beauty that surrounds us. Also, that sunset (or sunrise) picture is so gorgeous!

    1. I’m so glad you felt encouraged, Kelly! It’s easy to lose sight of all the ways God loves us, but thankfully that doesn’t mean He stops loving us! Thanks so much – and you’re right, it was sunset. 🙂

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