Each beat of your heart

Do you ever stop and listen to your heart beating? Those moments when you’re suddenly aware of this object inside of you that is pumping, pumping, pumping, keeping you alive.

Each beat of your heart is so natural that you most likely only realize it’s beating at certain moments. But it’s in these ordinary beats, these times when it goes unnoticed, that reveal some of the heart’s unique purposes.

The overflow of the heart

Did you know that every minute, your heart is pumping about 1.5 gallons of blood? And each day, your heat beats approximately 100,000 times. That’s a lot of work for an organ we rarely think about!

We may never understand all the complexities of the human body, but the Bible assures us that out of the overflow of our hearts, our mouths speak (Luke 6:45). One complexity we may never understand this side of heaven is the purpose our hearts serve in our spiritual lives.

This organ that pumps blood throughout our body also provides a connection between our physical bodies and our spiritual souls. We tell little ones you can “ask Jesus into your heart.” But do we truly understand why we’re using an organ we hardly think about each day to provide a home for the God who died and rose again?

The Bible does speak of Christ dwelling within His followers (Ephesians 3:16-19), but it’s easy to miss the point of why we “ask Jesus into our hearts.” After all, this is a physical object. And our souls are spiritual, our desires aren’t visible.

More than an organ

As followers of Jesus, we know asking Him into our hearts means surrendering our lives to Him. It means asking forgiveness for sins. It means accepting His death and resurrection as the only way to have a personal relationship with Him.

So why not say that instead? Why this idea of Jesus living in our hearts?

While some argue this phrase isn’t theologically sound and should not be used to tell people how to “be saved,” the concept of Jesus living in our hearts should not be done away with completely. True, the details and meaning of this phrase must go hand-in-hand with explaining how to accept Jesus as our Savior. The idea, though, of connecting our heart with our Savior is a pretty extraordinary way to connect the physical with the spiritual.  

Just as your heart beats 100,000 times per day without you thinking about it, Jesus should be so ingrained in your life that He influences and guides you every moment. His words should be second-nature to you. And just as your blood travels throughout your entire body because of the work of your heart, Christ’s desires should flow through you.

If your heart stopped beating, your body would stop functioning. Your organs wouldn’t receive oxygen. Your body would shut down, and you would die. If you did not have Jesus, you would not have a functioning relationship with God. Your soul would not receive forgiveness. You would not be a part of God’s family or enter His presence.

We need Jesus every day to function. We need His blood. Without His daily influence in our lives, we would decay.

What is stopping you from allowing Jesus to influence your daily life? What is distracting you from allowing His blood to pour over you and help you live each day for Him?

The next time you notice your heart beating, think about how Jesus sacrificed His life in order to spend eternity with you. Just as you can count on your heart to pump blood and sustain you, you can trust that Jesus dwells within you and brings you new life.  

You have a unique way to remember how Jesus should flow through each thought you have, word you speak and decision you make. It may be wrapped in the ordinary beat of your heart, but that’s just more proof of how nothing is quite as ordinary as we think.    

Let’s Talk About It: What other ordinary ways do we have of remembering Jesus throughout our day? 


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