Do you thirst for Jesus?

Dry, thick and rough, your tongue cries out in agony as you try to remember the last time you had anything to drink. Every time you swallow, you will your glands to give you just a little moisture. Anything to satisfy the burn of thirst.

And then the moment your hand closes around the cool glass, you can’t drink fast enough. It’s joy. Pure, smooth, delicious joy. With multiple long, glorious sips, you’re satisfied. At least for now.

Our thirst for Jesus

Isn’t it intriguing how God created living things to need sustenance? He created us to need air, water and food, to name the big three. We depend upon these life-giving things. God made us to live and thrive from them.

And what happens when we don’t get them? We slowly lose the life given us.

Our thirst for water will never be satisfied this side of heaven. We’ll always crave the flowing liquid that brings life. But have you ever wondered if God gave us this thirst for a reason? Why did He create us to need water along with air, food, sleep and other needs?

What if our need reflects more than the simple desire we have to satisfy day after day?

Water makes an appearance quite often in the scriptures. We read about water flowing from a rock, God parting seas for His people and water turning into wine. We read the words of Jesus as He explains about living water that takes away thirst for all time (John 4:1-41).

Coincidence that God chose to use water to reveal His power in multiple ways? Probably not.

Our physical thirst for water reflects our spiritual thirst for Jesus. It reflects the satisfaction we can only find in Him. And it reveals that without Christ, we slowly lose the life given us.

The satisfaction of living water

Here we can look at something ordinary and see the divine. The extraordinary. The character of God.

When we’re thirsty, we crave water. When we aren’t in relationship with God, we crave Jesus. Yes, our souls thirst. Jesus declares that anyone who is thirsty can come to Him and drink (John 7:37-39). He tells us our souls were created to need God. To live on God. To desire Him and thirst for Jesus.

He doesn’t stop there, though. He promises to satisfy us. What a beautiful, magnificent word. Satisfy. This satisfaction is freely given and lasts for an eternity. It’s endless.

But it doesn’t happen unless we come and drink. Jesus asks us to come and find satisfaction in Him. To believe He created us to live for Him and by Him. To wash in the water of life and drink deeply the endless streams of living water.

Believing in Jesus doesn’t just mean we accept the facts of the Bible and live for Him. It means we drink and are satisfied every day as we spend time with Him and listen to His Spirit flowing through us. It means we accept that we haven’t earned this free gift. And it means we must admit our thirst for Jesus. Our desperate need for Him.

Jesus has given us a tangible way to reflect on our soul’s reliance on Him. Our daily need for water acts as our reminder to drink deeply of Jesus every day. He doesn’t have what we need. He is what we need.

Knowing this, we can also rejoice in the fact that Jesus doesn’t just give us a drink to satisfy us in the moment, but He gives us an eternal fountain of living water. We will never run out of His grace, His love, His freedom.

Are you thirsty?

What is your soul craving today? Do you thirst for Jesus? Have you experienced the satisfaction of the endless streams of the Holy Spirit dwelling within you?

Just because we have accepted Jesus as our Savior and desire to live for Him doesn’t mean our souls won’t still crave Him. While we’re eternally satisfied, we’ll ache for Him if our routines and actions begin to ignore Him.

In our busyness, we can often look to things that satisfy our physical and emotional needs instead of our spiritual. We replace our time and conversations with Him for meeting our physical desires. And we attempt to step out of the fountain that endlessly flows.

It is here where our soul begins to thirst again. It slowly starts to dry and remind us we need to drink and turn to Jesus. Like our bodies reminding us it’s time to refresh ourselves with water, our souls remind us to come back to Jesus. To stop living as if we can step out of the fountain of life without growing thirsty.

May we accept the calling of Jesus and come and drink His living water. May we experience the rivers of living water and choose life with our Savior. And may we accept this free gift that satisfies our souls for eternity.

Let’s Talk About It: How has Jesus’ living water satisfied you?  


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18 Replies to “Do you thirst for Jesus?”

  1. Jesus knows how much I love subtleties. He moves in small ways that He knows I will appreciate. Like today, I opened the drapes to find a beautiful little bluebird just hanging out on the gutter. He knew I needed to be reminded of His beauty. Now, I feel comforted as I head into today. Knowing my God is in control of all the Earth and not for a second am I alone. He knows I need to feel this comfort. I ache for this comfort! He is so good; His blessings are new every morning!

    1. I love that! I’m the same way with looking for the subtle things and feeling close to God as a result, knowing He gives us so many gifts throughout our day. It’s amazing to know He cares enough about the details of our lives to do that!

  2. Water is a daily needed thing and so is God. Water is cleansing and how we’ve been cleaned by God. It’s amazing how God uses things we need daily to compare our needs for Him in ways we can understand!
    Great post!

  3. This is such a great reminder! When we are physically parched we feel lethargic and achy. The same is absolutely true when we are spiritually parched! We need to drink Him up daily!

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