Letter from the Editor: Our untapped superpower

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As a millennial, it can be all too easy to get caught up in the hype of trying to find my niche in life. That one thing that makes me special and different and contributes to the massive difference that I will make while on this earth. We are a generation obsessed with “difference making.” Amiright?

There are all sorts of problems with this, and the main one is that it is a total distraction from us finding our truest, most awesome superpower to ever exist. Continue reading “Letter from the Editor: Our untapped superpower”

What is true justice?

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There is an oft-spoken saying amongst conservative Christian circles: “God is love, but God is also just.” The point of this statement is to say God shows compassion, but His compassion does not negate the reality of consequences for actions and the need for Him to pass judgment in due time. While the point of the matter is true, the saying is very misleading and implies something altogether different due to only one word. Continue reading “What is true justice?”